Preventative Maintenance & Service

A Team of Experts

Tri-Cor Mechanical is proud to staff dedicated professionals with decades of experience. We don’t approach mechanical contracting in a transactional way – we strive to build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. From start to finish and beyond, our team of experts is on standby to assist you when you need it the most. This includes 24/7 emergency maintenance and preventative maintenance to ensure that your building is operating at maximum efficiency.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our mechanical contracting solutions are complex, wide-ranging, and built with incredible care, but even the best systems sometimes require immediate service. Our team is ready to get you back up and running with our 24/7 Emergency Service. Simply give us a call on our designated emergency line, and we’ll get a technician deployed in short order to tackle your request. Our 24/7 Emergency Service is available for all new projects and existing systems. Please contact us today for more information.

Maintenance Documentation

Our Preventative Maintenance Service also includes thorough documentation of your systems and the work Tri-Cor does on them. Exhaustive documentation can aid in expediting emergency service issues and allows Tri-Cor to keep a close eye on any and all changes to your most delicate systems. Tri-Cor also offers Facility & Asset Management in addition to our maintenance documentation.

Facility & Asset Management

For many of our clients, their systems require a more hands-on and all-encompassing maintenance agreement. Our Facility & Asset Management service is our highest-level of preventative maintenance and support. After exhaustive documentation, our Tri-Cor technicians will help train on-site personnel in the installed systems. Additionally, Tri-Cor offers remote monitoring of your building’s systems, allowing us to anticipate any maintenance issues and act on them in a timely fashion. Our Facility & Asset Management program also offers extended warranties on systems installed and configured by Tri-Cor.

Get the professionals you need and the results you want. Trust Tri-Cor.