Building Automation

Intelligent Buildings

Since the rise of smart buildings, Tri-Cor has been on the bleeding-edge of this remarkable advancement in building systems. Our experts have designed, installed, configured, and maintained dozens of intelligent buildings throughout our service area. Intelligent buildings are not only efficient and cost-saving, but they maximize the comfort and well-being of your employees while ensuring a highly-functional mechanical standard. From HVAC to safety to automation, Tri-Cor has implemented complex smart building systems for both commercial and industrial.

DDC & Pneumatic Controls

Tri-Cor Mechanical has always prided itself on providing our clients efficient solutions to their complex system problems. One of those solutions is installing new and retrofitting existing pneumatic control HVAC systems with a direct digital control, or DDC, system. DDC systems allow for more accurate distribution of air than a traditional non-DDC pneumatic system. By incorporating data on all metrics related to your HVAC system, a DDC system can help maximize cost-savings and increase the comfort of your staff. Tri-Cor Mechanical can incorporate DDC into your new pneumatic controls design or work with you to retrofit DDC onto your existing system. Reach out to us today to begin a conversation.

Retrofits & Upgrades

While Tri-Cor Mechanical assists clients in new design and construction, our team of experts are also well-versed in making upgrades and retrofits to existing systems and buildings. Retrofitting your existing system can extend to you some of the energy and cost-savings of a brand-new installation for a fraction of the cost. Our team will come out to your building, thoroughly inspect and document your system, and recommend a host of solutions to bring your system up to modern standards. This could include the installation of new equipment, like high-efficiency heating systems or chillers, and control system upgrades to bring automation to your property. The possibilities are endless, so reach out today for more information on retrofitting and upgrading.

Control System Commissioning

Commercial and industrial buildings are becoming more and more complex as automation pushes us towards a world where everything is interconnected. So it is important that these systems are working at maximum efficiency and satisfying your company’s specific requirements. Our Control System Commissioning team at Tri-Cor Mechanical will help test, document, diagnose, and calibrate your control system to meet your needs. Our exhaustive commissioning process ensures that energy savings and comfort of your workforce will be maximized.

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